Running GShell

A simple launcher script/.bat file is located in the <geronimo_home>/bin directory. To start GShell just type gsh, and you can use gsh --help or gsh -h to learn about generic command option descriptions of Gshell.

GShell commands may be specified when starting GShell:

./gsh deploy/list-modules

or commands may be entered interactively:

jeff@Local:~/Geronimo/Tomcat6-2.2/bin$ ./gsh
Apache Geronimo (2.2-SNAPSHOT)

Type 'help' for more information.

jeff@Local:/> deploy/list-modules
Connecting to Geronimo server: localhost:1099
Connection established
Found 102 modules
  + org.apache.geronimo.configs/activemq-broker/2.2-SNAPSHOT/car
  + org.apache.geronimo.configs/activemq-ra/2.2-SNAPSHOT/car
  + org.apache.geronimo.configs/aspectj/2.2-SNAPSHOT/car
  + org.apache.geronimo.configs/axis/2.2-SNAPSHOT/car


The help command will display all GShell commands that are available in the current environment.

jeff@Local:/> help

For information about Apache Geronimo, visit:

Available commands: 
  ?                     Alias to: help
  print                 Alias to: echo
  source                Load a file/url into the current shell
  quit                  Alias to: exit
  exit                  Exit the shell
  echo                  Echo or print arguments to STDOUT  
  set                   Set a variable
  unset                 Unset a variable
  help                  Show command help
  clear                 Clear the terminal screen
  .                     Alias to: source

  wsgen                 Generate JAX-WS artifacts from class
  wsdl2java             Generate JAX-WS artifacts from WSDL
  wsimport              Generate JAX-WS artifacts from WSDL
  java2ws               Generate JAX-WS artifacts from class


  start-client          Start a Geronimo application client
  stop-server           Stop a Geronimo server
  wait-for-server       Wait for a Geronimo server to start
  start-server          Start a Geronimo server


  rsh                   Connect to a remote GShell server
  rsh-server            Start a GShell server


  start                 Start a module
  install-library       Install library
  redeploy              Redeploy a module
  list-modules          List modules
  new-instance          Create new server instance in a server
  disconnect            Disconnect from a Geronimo server
  undeploy              Undeploy a module
  connect               Connect to a Geronimo server
  install-plugin        Install a plugin
  deploy                Deploy a module
  list-targets          List targets
  assemble              Extract a geronimo server from the current one
  connect               Connect to a Geronimo server
  undeploy              Undeploy a module
  distribute            Distribute a module
  login                 Saves the username and password for this connection
  list-plugins          Install plugins into a geronimo server
  restart               Restart a module
  stop                  Stop a module

The quit command will exit the GShell environment.

To obtain help information on any command, use the --help option:

jeff@Local:/> deploy/list-modules --help

  TARGET                           Target name
  --secure                         Use secure channel
  -a (--all)                       Show started or stopped modules
  -h (--help)                      Display this help message
  -p (--port) N                    Port, default 1099
  -r (--started)                   Show started modules only
  -s (--hostname, --server) VAL    Hostname, default localhost
  -t (--stopped)                   Show stopped modules only
  -u (--username) VAL              Username
  -w (--password) VAL              Password
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