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  • csa-activemq - A demo to assembly a server using car-maven-plugin
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This sample is used to assemble Geronimo integrated ActiveMQ modules(including the new Geronimo plugin activemq-webconsole), so that user can use it as a standalone JMS server with user-friendly web interfaces to manage JMS objects. In this sample, we will demonstrate how to use car-maven-plugin to build a custom server assembly for both Jetty and Tomcat.

We will explain the pom.xml files for Tomcat with ActiveMQ assembly. Likewise, you can apply the similar configurations to Jetty and ActiveMQ assembly.

root pom.xml of the sample


In the code above, make sure you specify the module IDs of the project and enclosed ones.

pom.xml for Tomcat and ActiveMQ assembly

To assemble a working server as we expected, you have to

  1. Include org.apache.geronimo.framework.plugingroups::framework in the dependencies;
  2. Include other required modules, such as
    • org.apache.geronimo.plugins:activemq-webconsole-tomcat
    • org.apache.geronimo.configs:activemq-ra
  3. Specify you are going to assemble a new server with element <packaging>server-assembly</packaging>
  4. Make sure all configuration files required by a running server wired to car-maven-plugin, such as:
    • config.xml
    • jsr88-configurer-config.xml

Assemble the server using maven command

When everything is ready, run the following command in root directory of the sample applicaiton. Then you will find the target server in target directory of each module.

mvn clean install

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