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  • Installing OSGi Application Development tools
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The OSGi Application Development tools for Eclipse helps you develop and build dynamic, modular OSGi applications. You can:

  • Create and edit OSGi bundles, composite bundles and applications
  • Import and export OSGi bundles, composite bundles and applications
  • Convert existing Java EE assets into OSGi bundles
  • Create and edit OSGi blueprint configuration files
  • Debug and diagnose your bundles and Aries applications

You must have GEP installed before using OSGi Application Development tools. See Installing Geronimo Eclipse Plugin for how-to.

installing the OSGi Application Development tools

Follow the instructions below to install the OSGi tools for Eclipse:

  1. Start Eclipse from your installation directory.
  2. In the main menu, click Download>Download OSGi Application Development Tool.
  3. Follow the instructions on the newly opened web page or refer to the steps below as a quick start.
    1. Click Install New Software under Help menu.
    2. Click Add to add a new repository location in the follow-up window.
    3. Type in the Location field, and then click OK.
    4. Select OSGi Application Development in the list of available software, and then click Next.
    5. Click I accept the terms of the license agreements after you read the license agreements.
    6. Click OK for any warning messages and choose Restart Now to activate the OSGi tools.

Uninstalling the OSGi Application Development tools

Before you install a newer version of the OSGi Application Development tools, you have to uninstall the previously installed plug-ins:

  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. In the main menu, click Help > Install New Software.
  3. In the Install dialog box, click the What is already installed? link.
  4. In the Eclipse Installation Details window, on the Installed Software tab, hold down Ctrl and then click the following features:
    • OSGi Application Development Tools
    • OSGi Application Development Tools UI
    • OSGi context-sensitive help
    • OSGi Help documentation
    • OSGi Help documentation
  5. Click Uninstall, and then
  6. Click Finish to remove the features from Eclipse.
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