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There have been a number of improvements, enhancements and bug fixes in this release. Items listed in the later section are the most significant ones.

Feature enhancements and additions

Java EE 6 full Profile support

Geronimo V3.0 provides full support to Java EE 6 full profile specification.

OSGi support

Geronimo V3.0 provides support to OSGi bundle deployment and management.

Aries programming model support

Geronimo V3.0 provides support for Aries programming model such as EBA(Enterprise Bundle Archive) and CBA(Composite Bundle Archive).

Karaf shell commands extension

Geronimo V3.0 provides extensional gogo commands for server administration.

Usability improvements

Quick search box for navigation items

The search box is used to locate the menu item more easily and quickly.

New OSGi bundle management portlet

The new OSGi portlet is used to install, search and manage OSGi bundles for the server. You can view packages or services wired to the bundle. See Managing OSGi bundles for more details.

New EBA portlet

The new EBA portlet is used to manage EBA applications in the same way you did for the traditional Java EE applications.

Development tools improvement

Support the latest Eclipse releases

GEP can be installed on Eclipse Helios, also known as Eclipse 3.6.

OSGi tooling installation

Blueprint editor for OSGi development

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