Apache Geronimo Board Report

All in all it was fairly quiet at the end of the year. The project team has been focusing on two releases. 1.2-beta was released that includes integration of three projects from the incubator (OpenEJB, Yoko and OpenJPA). 2.0-M1 was released that includes many of the new Java EE 5.0 technologies. The project is working towards a goal of completing a certified server in time for Java One. 2.0-M1 also pulled in CXF from the Incubator.

Collaboration with several other projects in Apache is going on which includes Axis 2, OpenJPA, OpenEJB, CXF and Yoko. There has been some mention about OSGi which would include Felix but that work hasn't really taken off yet.


  • 1.2-beta was released in December
  • 2.0-M1 was released in December
  • 2.0-M2 is targetted for release at the end of January of this year

JUGs and Conferences

  • JUGs Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Boulder and Dallas in November
  • Javapolis in December
  • Open Source Conference in Tokyo in December


None at this time


  • DevTools
    1.2.0 was released in November. This included the ability to fully edit Geronimo.xml plans.
  • XBean
    Version 2.8 was released in early January
  • Specifications
    Specifications were reorganized after several months of debate. Rather than having a single version for the specifications each one is packaged separately. Dain Sundstrom volunteered to help keep the releases and organization going.

Other work

  • WADI clustering has been moving forward
  • GCache has continued development but there has not been a lot of activity on the list.
  • New JMX console was added to Geronimo 1.2
  • JNDI / Classloader viewer was added by a new community member. Really neat stuff.


New Committers:

PMC Additions:

  • Anita Kulshreshtha
  • Vamsavardhana Reddy
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