Apache Geronimo Board Report

The Apache Geronimo Project has released Geronimo 2.0.1 in August. Our initial attempt to release 2.0 was aborted due to a late discovery of a security problem. Given that the release was in process we simply aborted 2.0 and corrected the problem and released as 2.0.1.


  • Geronimo
    2.0.1 was released in August
    2.0.2 is in process for release in mid-October.

Much of current trunk development is concerned with improving runtime server modularity. We are also working to provide "prepackaged" integrations of other apache projects running in Geronimo, including Roller and Apache Directory.



2.0.1 versions of the geronimo-transaction and geronimo-connector components were released.
2.0.2 release candidates of the components are being voted on at present.


Is nearing a release of 2.0. Testing of the application on Geronimo 2.0.2 has been productive and a stable release is in order.


Geronimo Eclipse Plugin 2.0.0 was released in September.


Genesis 1.2 was released in August.


XBean 3.2 was released in October. Xbean-spring is seeing wider adoption in other apache projects such as Apache Directory.
XBean 3.1 was released in August.




Multiple spec versions were released in August: JACC, JSP, Servlet, geronimo-schema-j2ee, and geronimo-schema-jee
Our collection of specs is being repackaged for easier use with OSGI based projects such as ServiceMix 4.

JUGs and Conferences

  • Apache Geronimo 2.0 at LinuxWorld Open Solutions Conference 2007 in Tokyo
  • Apache Geronimo 2.0 to Japan User's Group in Tokyo

Policy Changes


New Committers:
Shiva Kumar H R

PMC Additions:
Donald Woods
Tim McConnell
Jarek Gawor

Other Issues

A Security issue was discovered in our Geronimo 2.0.0 release. The release was withdrawn and a Geronimo 2.0.1 was released to address the problem.
An MEJB security vulnerability was discovered in Geronimo 2.0.1. Instructions on disabling MEJB were made available to Geronimo users. Geronimo 2.0.2 will fix this vulnerability.

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