Apache Geronimo Board Report

The Apache Geronimo Project released Geronimo 2.1 on February 15th. Currently we are working on the 2.1.1 release for April 2008. There are no community issues for the Board's attention. Details follow.


A new release process (http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/GMOxPMGT/Geronimo+release+process) was voted on and accepted by the project.

  • Geronimo
    Geronimo 2.1 was released on February 15th.
    Preparations for a 2.1.1 release are underway



Version 1.0 of the Apache Directory plugin was released in March.


Transaction manager and connector framework 2.1 (January) and 2.1.1 (February) were released.



Work is underway preparing a 2.1 release of the Geronimo Eclipse Plugin.


Genesis 1.4 was released in March with support for our new release process.



XBean 3.3 was released in January, incorporating new function/bug fixes.


Preparations for a 2.1 release of our samples is underway.


The javamail provider jars 1.4 were released in March with 2 bug fixes as well as the corresponding updates for Genesis 1.4 and new release process.


Our specs were updated with OSGI bundle support (a feature desired by other projects which use our spec jars) and released in February. These jars included: activation, annotation, ejb, el, interceptor, j2ee-connector, j2ee-management, jacc, jaxr, jaxrpc, jms, jpa, jsp, jta, saaj, servlet, and ws-metadata specs. In addition the javamail and servlet 2.5 specs were released in March.

JUGs and Conferences

Policy Changes

As mentioned above, a new release process (http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/GMOxPMGT/Geronimo+release+process) was voted on and accepted by the project.


New Committers:
Viet Nguyen
Jason Warner

PMC Additions:

TCK Access
Geronimo TCK access was given to Vasily Zakharov who plans on working on running Geronimo TCK tests using Harmony.

Export Status

Apache Geronimo is currently classified as ECCN 5D002. The PMC feels this is correct and do not believe any other Geronimo product required ECCN classification.

Other Issues

The PMC had a discussion regarding PMC membership. It was noted that some PMC members are not currently playing an active role in the community. Instituting a policy for "emeritus" PMC status was discussed and a poll/timeout policy for PMC participation was discussed. The concensus was that as long as PMC activity is strong, the fact that some members are not actively participating is not a community issue to be overly concerned with.

Development of a sandbox project, AsyncHttpClient, has effectively been moved to the Mina community. One committer, Rick McGuire, and one community member, Sangjin Lee, have earned commit rights to the Mina project.

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