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  • Apache Geronimo Board Report - 2010-04 - April
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Apache Geronimo Board Report

No Major issues to report. The community has been active on the dev and user mailing lists. There have been multiple releases from the community. The community is actively developing Geronimo 3.0, while maintaining our 2.1.x and 2.2.x branches.



Geronimo 2.1.5 was released in April. Preparations for a Geronimo 3.0 Milestone release are underway.


A Geronimo plugin for OpenJPA 2.0.0-beta was released in February.


Geronimo TXManager 2.1.4 was released in March. Geronimo Tomcat 6.0.26 was released in April.



Geronimo Eclipse Plugin (GEP) 2.2 was released in January.
A release vote has been started for a Geronimo Eclipse Plugin 2.1.5 release.



Geronimo Samples 2.2 was released in January.


There were releases of geronimo-validation, geronimo-el, geronimo-atinject, geronimo-interceptor, geronimo-jcdi specs. Many specs required for the Geronimo 3.0 Milestone release are currently up for vote.


JUGs and Conferences

Policy Changes


New PMC Members

New Committers

  • Ming Xia (Forrest) was added as a committer in March.
  • Ashish Jain was added as a committer in March.


There have been no new security flaws found in Geronimo since the last board report.

Other Issues and News

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