This page is to summarize a long-standing discussion on how and when to operate in the Commit-Then-Review (CTR) mode. It's been some time since Apache Geronimo project had entered into the Review-Than-Commit (RTC) mode and some argue it's time to change it.

Discussion on the matter has started a couple of times by this time the Apache Geronimo PMC chair - Ken Coar - stepped forward and proposed the change: http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/geronimo-dev/200608.mbox/%3c44EB8CF2.8080205@Golux.Com%3e.

It looks like everybody's agreed upon the general idea of leaving the CTR mode, but there're a few points to be further talked over and that's the reason to create the page and bring all points here. It will eventually turn itself into a full-blown policy of how Apache Geronimo project operates.

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