Major Features for Geronimo 2.2

Planned Features

  • (tick) Java SE 6 support (GERONIMO-4089) - Jarek
    • Support server runtime on Java SE 5 and 6
  • JEE5 certification with Java SE 6
  • Upgrade key dependencies to latest versions
    • (tick) Upgrade to Dojo 1.3.1
    • (tick) Upgrade to Tomcat 6.0.20 (GERONIMO-4245) - Donald
    • (tick) Upgrade to OpenJPA 1.2.0 (GERONIMO-4278) - Donald
    • (tick) Upgrade to Derby (GERONIMO-4295) - Donald
    • (tick) Upgrade to Jetty 6.1.14 (GERONIMO-4437) - Donald (replaced with jetty7 for all practical purposes)
    • (tick) JAX-WS 2.1 / JAX-B 2.1
      • (tick) Axis2 1.5 (GERONIMO-4327) - Jarek
      • (tick) CXF 2.1.3 (GERONIMO-4263) - Jarek
      • (tick) Use CXF tooling instead of Sun RI to generate WSDL artifacts (GERONIMO-4351) - Jarek
    • (tick) Upgrade to ActiveMQ 5.2.0, involving replacing much of the jms portion of the admin console (GERONIMO-4298, GERONIMO-4337)
    • (tick) Upgrade to JACC 1.1-MR5 spec (GERONIMO-4357) - David Jencks
    • Upgrade to latest Geronimo Javamail Spec and Impl releases - Rick McGuire
    • Update OpenEJB version from 3.1.1 to 3.1.2 (GERONIMO-4684)
    • (tick) Use CXF tooling to generate WSDL and other artifacts for JAX-WS services
    • (tick) Integrate jetty7 (servlet 3.0) with jaspi support (GERONIMO-4249) - David Jencks
  • Usability improvements
    • (tick) JMS Portlet improvements
    • (tick) EJB Portlet improvements (GERONIMO-3811) - Manu
    • Console accessibility improvements (GERONIMO-4080, GERONIMO-4081(tick)) - Forrest/Donald
    • (tick) Custom server assembly UI improvements (GERONIMO-4265, GERONIMO-4282) - Lin
    • Use GShell for all main cmdline scripts, but not for client and simple start/stop scenarios? (GERONIMO-4105, GERONIMO-4118, GSHELL-117)
    • (tick) Run the activemq web console on geronimo (GERONIMO-4560)
    • (tick) Security realm based Group-Role mapping (GERONIMO-4523)
    • (tick) install-library goal for geronimo-maven-plugin (GERONIMO-4408)
    • (tick) Provide a mechanism to hide specific classes of a configuration to all its children (GERONIMO-4403)
    • (tick) Extension of configuration dependencies and gbeans via Groovy scripts (GERONIMO-4401)
    • (tick) New Service instance via plugins (GERONIMO-4382)
    • (tick) Server farm management via plugins (GERONIMO-4284) - David Jencks
  • Reduce server footprint and startup time
    • Remove usage of Dojo 0.4.3 (Not gonna happen for 2.2)
    • (tick) Switch to Dojo 1.3.1 mini release (GERONIMO-4325) - JayDM – we are no longer packaging our own copy of dojo
  • Server runtime
    • (tick) Plugin profiles - Lin
    • (tick) Server farm/cluster management with dynamic members and improved deployment for offline/new member scenarios (GERONIMO-4284) - David J.
    • (tick) TranQL connector for MS SQL 2000/2005 (GERONIMO-4279)
    • (tick) TranQL connector for Oracle RAC (GERONIMO-4297)
    • (tick) TranQL connector for Informix (GERONIMO-4365)
    • (tick) GBean Annotations (GERONIMO-4399) - Gianny Damour
    • (tick) Mechanism to hide specific classes of a configuration to all its children (GERONIMO-4403) - Gianny Damour
    • (tick) Extension of configuration dependencies and gbeans via Groovy scripts (GERONIMO-4401) - Gianny Damour
  • Tooling
    • (tick) Enhance geronimo-maven-plugin to start/stop multiple servers at once (GERONIMO-4283) - David J.
    • (tick) Create new Server Instances via plugins (GERONIMO-4382) - David J.
    • (tick) GEP support for creating Custom Server Assemblies (GERONIMODEVTOOLS-524) - BJ Reed
    • (tick) Enhance geronimo-maven-plugin with install-library goal (GERONIMO-4408) - Michal Borowiecki
    • GEP support for building plugins

Potential Items

    • Connector 1.6 implementation (GERONIMO-4360), -4358 - David Jencks (this is moderately complete but completely untested)
    • Publish Debug View portlets as optional plugins (remove from assemblies)
    • Publish Monitoring plugins as optional (remove from assemblies)
    • Publish Plan Creator as optional plugins (remove from assemblies)
  • Possible reorg of the Admin Console (if we enable collapsible tree)
  • Additional JMS Portlet improvements
  • EJB Portlet improvements
  • Use CDDL licensed spec xsds in a publicly available project for xmlbeans or jaxb object generation
  • Convert to jaxb for builders
  • scripting/code-by-convention environment - would be cool to see a Grails/JRuby on Rails environment integrated with Geronimo

Snapshots we need released before main release.

Geronimo stuff

  • jacc spec
  • jaxb 2.1 spec
  • jaspi component
  • tomcat/jasper fork
  • xbean
  • dojo 0.4.3 war
  • connector 1.6 spec (probably not)
  • txmanager trunk (probably not)
  • servlet 3.0 spec (probably not)

Non-geronimo stuff

  • openejb
  • jetty (unless an RC works for us)
  • activemq

Individual Release Plans and Status

See the Apache Geronimo Release Status section in this wiki space for more details.

Geronimo 2.2 documentation plan/status

See Apache Geronimo v2.2 documentation development status for more details.

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