Geronimo Server New Release Process

Geronimo 3.0.x Release Process
Geronimo 2.1.x Release Process (under construction)

Geronimo Samples Release Checklist

Geronimo Samples Release Checklist

Old Geronimo Projects

The following Geronimo projects use the pre-Nexus release guidelines:

  • Geronimo Server 1.x-2.1.x
  • Geronimo Devtools
  • Geronimo Daytrader
  • Geronimo Samples 1.x-2.1.x
  • Geronimo Genesis 1.x
  • Geronimo Components 1.x-2.1.x
  • Geronimo Specs

Old Release Guidelines

Geronimo Component Release Process
Geronimo Eclipse Plugin Release Process
Geronimo Server Release Process

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