Automated JIRA Reports Sent to Mailing Lists

Once a week reports will be e-mailed with subjects similar to the following will be sent to dev@geronimo.a.o

Subject: [jira] Closed: week of 01-27-2006

Subject: [jira] Unassigned Patches: week of 01-27-2006

These reports are a great help for committers to have the work of contributors (i.e. patches) in the forefront of the mailing list once a week. These will be sent out every monday.

The reports are also great for the contributors and community at large to see what's being completed on a regular basis. These emails will be sent out every friday.

How the Reports are Generated

The source for those two reports are here:


Creating these is extremely simple, it's a wget -> jira rss -> xslt -> sendmail. You just do a search in jira for some issues click the "XML" link and copy the resulting URL. Then copy one of the foo.sh and foo.xsl files and modify to your preference.

If you have an idea for other important jira activity that could be sent to the list ever week, every other week, every month, etc. that would be great. Feel free to submit more foo.sh and foo.xsl files as a patch and put in the comments when you want them to run.

Thanks to David Blevins for setting these reports up.

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