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We have learned of a security vulnerability in the Apache Tomcat Webdav Servlet implementation. If you use the Tomcat distribution of Geronimo and configure a write-enabled Webdav servlet, you may be affected by this vulnerability. If you do not configure the Webdav servlet or configure read-only Webdav servlets, you are not impacted by this vulnerability. Jetty configurations of Geronimo are not affected by this vulnerability.

This vulnerability impacts all Geronimo releases. Up to and including Geronimo 2.0.2. Read the full article for further details and workaround.

For specific information regarding the Tomcat issue, see

By default, Geronimo releases do not use the Webdav servlet. However, it is possible for the Webdav Servlet to be configured or referenced by a user-written application.

The Webdav Servlet could be explicitly configured in a web.xml deployment descriptor as follows:


Alternatively, a user's application could extend the WebdavServlet, for example:

        import org.apache.catalina.servlets.WebdavServlet;
        public class MyServlet extends WebdavServlet {

If you configure a write-enabled Webdav servlet, we recommend that you:

  • Disable write access to the Webdav Servlet until this problem has been fixed, or
  • Limit access to the Webdav servlet to only trusted users.

This vulnerability will be fixed in the next release of Geronimo (2.0.3 and/or 2.1).