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  • GSoc 2013 - Cascading Support - Project Details
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Support Cascading in Gora.

Project Aim

Cascading is an application framework to simply develop robust Data Analytics and Data Management applications on Apache Hadoop. Gora initially have the goal of Map Reduce support for data in the data store using Apache Hadoop. Get the support of Cascading will be a key for lowering the barrier for Gora users who wish to utilise Map Reduce through the Gora API. [ 1 , 2 ]

Project Objectives

  • Research Cascading project and identify which of the functions should be adopted.
  • Analyze used functions of Apache Hadoop in Gora and functions which can be used after adopting Cascading.
  • Implement the identified functions using the Cascading.
  • Review and test the implemented functions.
  • Document the work during the project that will help the users of Gora.

Project Scope

Project scope will be set in order to be completed withing the timeline of Gsoc 2013 suggested by the Gora PMC and student will start his work
according to the timeline. [ 3 ]



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