What is Season of Docs?

Season of Docs is a new Google program focused on helping to improve the quality of documentation in open source software. As a project under Apache Software Foundation, Apache Gora is applying to participate in this year's Season of docs and we have created this page to capture and record the list of documentation project ideas from Apache Gora.

Technical writers who wish to participate Season of Docs with Apache Gora should contact our primary mailing list dev@gora.apache.org

Project Ideas

1. Rewrite content for Apache Gora New Website

Project description

Our current  website  mostly has outdated content, so we have plans to migrate our content to a new website. There have been some discussions on Jira.

Expected deliverables

Rewrite all updated content for Apache Gora Website.

Rewrite quick start and tutorial sections with new samples and in more user friendly way.

Create new sections on Apache Gora DataStore  APIs and Gora Input Formats.

Create sections on usages of Apache Gora compiler / maven plugin , may be further extended with brief introduction to AVRO schema.

Create a new section on contributor guide and coding standards.

Create a new tutorial on creating datastore modules.  ( We do have a WIKI article written for this however this is not user friendly, we should create new bare minimum maven module so that users can customize very easily. )

Some datastore documentations are not complete. Complete these with related to datastore mappings and  related property files.

Create new tutorials based on Analytics. ( We currently have sections for Spark. We should further extend this with Apache Pig and Apache Flink. )

Related material

  1. https://gora.apache.org/
  2. GORA-450 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. Writing a new DataStore for Gora HOW_TO

2. Improve Apache Gora source Documentations

Project description

Currently we have numerous source code documentation issues in our code base. We need to improve source code documentation of Apache Gora core API's as per the javadoc standards.

Expected deliverables

Improve javadoc documentation for Apache Gora Core module API. Fix all the javadoc related build issues as well incomplete documentations for these core APIs.

Improve datastore documentations for mapping file and property file attributes with proper descriptions and possible/default values.

Improve documentations for gora-tutorial module samples so that it can be easily understood. 

Update all the readme files and runnable scripts ( sh files )  and it s documentation.

Related material

  1. https://github.com/apache/gora

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