What is Season of Docs?

Season of Docs is a new Google program focused on helping to improve the quality of documentation in open-source software. As a project under Apache Software Foundation, Apache Gora is applying to participate in this year's Season of docs and we have created this page to capture and record the list of documentation project ideas from Apache Gora.

Apache Gora is an open-source framework that provides an in-memory data model and persistence for big data. Gora supports persisting to column stores, key-value stores, document stores, distributed in-memory key/value stores, in-memory data grids, in-memory caches, distributed multi-model stores, and hybrid in-memory architectures. Apache Gora has wide range of use cases around data analytics and data persistence in both industry and research purposes.  Most of our contributors are data enthusiasts and currently Apache Gora roster consists of 31 Committer / PMC members people from all over the world. Apache Gora project started around 2010/2011 time and graduated as Top Level Project for Apache Software Foundation in 2012/01.

Technical writers who wish to participate in Season of Docs with Apache Gora should contact our primary mailing list dev@gora.apache.org

Project Ideas

1. Rewrite content for Apache Gora New Website

Project description

Our current website mostly has outdated content, so we have plans to migrate our content to a new website. There have been some discussions on Jira.

Expected deliverables

  • Rewrite all updated content for the Apache Gora Website.
  • Rewrite quick start and tutorial sections with new samples and in a more user-friendly way.
  • Create new sections on Apache Gora DataStore  APIs and Gora Input Formats.
  • Create sections on usages of Apache Gora compiler/maven plugin, may be further extended with a brief introduction to AVRO schema.
  • Create a new section on contributor guide and coding standards.
  • Create a new tutorial on creating datastore modules.  ( We do have a WIKI article written for this however this is not user-friendly, we should create a new bare minimum maven module so that users can customize very easily. )
  • Some datastore documentations are not complete. Complete these with related to datastore mappings and related property files.
  • Create new tutorials based on Analytics. ( We currently have sections for Spark. We should further extend this with Apache Pig and Apache Flink. )
  • Release Process documentation.

Related material

  1. https://gora.apache.org/
  2. GORA-450 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. Writing a new DataStore for Gora HOW_TO

2. Improve Apache Gora source Documentations

Project description

Currently, we have numerous source code documentation issues in our codebase. We need to improve source code documentation of Apache Gora core API's as per the Javadoc standards.

Expected deliverables

  • Improve Javadoc documentation for Apache Gora Core module API. Fix all the Javadoc related build issues as well incomplete documentation for these core APIs.
  • Improve datastore documentations for mapping file and property file attributes with proper descriptions and possible/default values.
  • Improve documentation for gora-tutorial module samples so that they can be easily understood. 
  • Update all the readme files and runnable scripts ( sh files )  and their documentation.

Related material

  1. https://github.com/apache/gora
  2. GORA-673 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Recommended skills

  • Previous experience in technical writing
  • Mandatory: Good English skills
  • General knowledge of open source concepts, collaboration, contributions.
  • Ability to easily communicate with mailing lists, conference calls, instant messaging.

Measuring Project Success

  • The quick onboarding process for new contributors. Lesser number of emails to get onboarded.
  • A number of pull requests from new contributors.
  • A number of pull requests from committers.
  • A number of new committers proposed to the project.


Budget itemAmountRunning TotalNotes/justifications
Technical WriterUSD 5000USD 100002 Technical writers x USD 5000 per each
Stipend for mentorUSD 500USD 110002 Mentors x USD 500 per each
USD 11000

Additional information

Apache Gora has participated in Google Summer of Code under Apache Software Foundation for the past 6 years.

We have conducted many successful GSoC projects in the past, most of the students later joined as Committers / PMC members to the project.

Proposed mentors conducted many successful GSoC projects as mentors, and have participated in GSoC multiple times.

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