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Welcome to the Apache Gora Wiki

Please contribute your knowledge about Gora here!

Gora Administration

The best place for information on Gora Admin is the Current Documentation


Official Gora LogManager Tutorial - An introduction to the Gora API and basic functionality.


A brief description of Cassandra backend
Troubleshooting with gora-cassandra - Relates to Java reporting an error saying there are too many open files.

General Information

Gora Development

Writing a new DataStore for Gora HOW_TO
Building Apache Gora Website HOW_TO
Apache Gora Coding Style
Apache Gora Release Procedure HOW_TO
Apache Gora SNAPSHOT Deployment HOW_TO

Gora and Google Summer of Code

GSoC 2013

GSoC 2013 Ideas Page - Google Summer of Code 2013 Ideas Page and Project Description

GSoC 2012

GSoC 2012 Ideas Page - Google Summer of Code 2012 Ideas Page and Project Description
GSoC 2012 - Google Summer of Code 2012 Mentoring Application
GSoC 2012 Reports - Student progress reports.

Presentations and Papers

Large-scale web analytics with Accumulo (and Nutch/Gora, Pig, and Storm) - A talk presented by Jason Trost at an Accumulo Meetup group co-located with StrataConf/Hadoop World in NYC (Oct 2012).
From Incubation to Continuous Ingestion: The story of Apache Gora - A talk presented by Renato Marroquin at ApacheCon Europe 2012 (Nov 2012).

How to edit this Wiki

This Wiki is a collaborative site, anyone can contribute and share:

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There are some conventions used on the Gora wiki:

  • :TODO: is used to denote sections that definitely need to be cleaned up.

Some general info on using this Wiki Software:

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