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  1. HI :

        I have one question about create job

        Are there all  jobs  use same config in sparkProperties.json  if I create job by web ui?

        Can I use different config for different job on web ui ?



    1. correct, current all jobs use same spark configuration. we have no way to attach different config to each of job.

      if you need, please open a Jira ticket and discuss in community


  2. Eugene is there a Slack channel for Griffin?

    thanks - Allen.

    1. Unfortunately,  officially, Apache doesn't support slack till now.

      It's better to use mailing list to discuss.



    2. Allen,

      We have no slack channel now, but you give a good suggestion. I'll talk with guys in community.


    3. Unfortunately, officially, Apache don't support slack till now.

      It's better to use mailing list to raise your question and discuss on any topic.

  3. William Guo  Can the metrics in griffin be reported through email each day/hour?

    1. roncenzhao

      Currently, it doesn't support sending metrics by email, because we think there will be too many metrics emitted.

      I guess you just want to be alerted when some metrics go beyond some threshold,

      Then you might need this.