Task Description

Allowing gump3 to run maven without changing the maven descriptor files

Task List

Need to:

-> Parse Maven Descriptor file

-> run script for maven projects

-> match dependencies without loss of descriptor data

-> Create new project and module for gump

***Currently being built into gump3


Gump2 has an integration with Maven, albeit at the runtime interface (Gump2 can launch Maven) but not the metadata level, i.e. the Maven project descriptor. This means that Gump2 processes it's own (Gump) metadata format
[1] to understand how interact with Maven, and not Maven's native version
[2], which contain the same information. This duplication makes it harder for Maven projects to exist in Gump, even though a tool exists [4] that maps the formats. The truism "if data exists in two places one of them is wrong" holds, and often the Gump metadata is out of date/wrong.

We are looking for Gump3 to consume a Maven project descriptors [2] directly. Also, one thing we wish to resolve is [3]. As such, the Gump3 code is in SVN, at [5], although we'll figure out a better way for you to access it.

Setting up a Maven project

In your module description you need to add type=”maven” to the end of that tag.

<module name="db-torque">
<url href="http://db.apache.org/torque/"/>
Java based build tool
<project href="project.xml" type="maven"/>

If any specific maven goals need to be added to the build a goal=”maven_goal” may also be added.

<project href="maven_test.xml" type="maven" goal=”jar”/>

Setting up Maven Gump id mismatches

Currently there is a mismatch between maven and gump ids. The fix right now is a mapping between these mismatches that can be found in gump/util/mavenToGump.conf. When new mismatches are discovered they should be added to this file(follow format already in file).


[1] http://gump.apache.org/metadata/index.html
[2] http://www.jajakarta.org/turbine/en/turbine/maven/reference/project-descriptor.html
[3] http://wiki.apache.org/gump/MavenId
[4] http://maven.apache.org/reference/plugins/gump/
[5] http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/gump/branches/Gump3/

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