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This page will describe what is necessary to get Centipede projects to run under Gump with links to examples, etc.


Centipede uses an enhanced version of the Gump descriptor to run its projects. Gump though uses the latest jars of everything, so to run Centipede projects under Gump you need a bit of extra attention to get correct runs.

For a starter, ask to add your project to the runs, and tell them where to get your module.xml file with viewcvs. This will get your project in the build.

Then you should check that the <depend> tags in your descriptor actually point to projects that Gump runs. Remember that Gump doesn't care about supplied jars.

You should check that your <ant> tag is:

    <ant buildfile="centibuild.xml" basedir="." target="gump" vm="1.2"> 
      <property name="ant.home" reference="home" project="krysalis-centipede"/> 

Finally, if you need compiled stuff tocompile further, add the dirs containing the intermediate classes to the work tags. For example, to use the junit cent, the first gets unit tests to compile, the second to run:

    <!-- Work dirs to be included in classpath  -->           
    <work nested="build/myproject/classes"/> 
    <work nested="build/myproject/junit/classes"/> 
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