Community Meeting


  • Ajay, Arpit, Daniel, Eric, Marton, Nanda, Shashi, Xiaoyu, Clay, Craig, <Missing Member list>

Last Week's Discussion items

1Nanda’s Dataworks Summit talk and Anu/Marton’s Kubecon EU talk on Ozone last week.Nanda/Anu/MartonNotes from DWS/ KubeCon
 2 Ozone docker image: ozone-runner image for next release. EricLong-running discussion 
3Update on Ozone 0.4.1 release
Review of the Release

New Business

1FileSystem Semantics for OzoneArpitArpit brought up discussion adding prefix cache to OM for ACL and OzoneFileSystem optimization, Craig/Clay added customer feedback on it (confirm 10% directory entries in the namespace of a large cluster).

Action items