• Anu

  • Nanda

  • Xiaoyu

  • Matthew Sharp

  • Vivek

  • Dinesh

  • Craig

  • Aravindan

  • Attila

  • Istvan Fajth

  • Shashikant

  • Ganesh Raju

  • Marton Elek


  • Weekly community meeting - Ozone 0.4.1 release

Discussion items

1Ozone 0.4.1 ReleaseNanda
  • Most of the work items are done
  • We reviewed 4 JIRAs that is not committed.
  • We have decided to commit 2 and postpone 2 to next release.
  • Marton brought up the issue of usage of IP address in the pipeline inside SCM.
    • This can be an issue when running under K8s. We might need a follow up release in for 0.4.1 to fix this issue.
  • Ratis is in the Incubator voting – will close soon, and then we can send out an Ozone vote.
 2 Introspective SCM slidesAnu

We looked at the original design documents of SCM. It was fun and historical view not completely upto date with the current code

but rather a walk down the ideas behind what makes SCM. We looked at the SCM and datanode interfaces.

Action items