• Allan Espinosa

  • Aravindan

  • Attila

  • Sandeep Nemuri

  • Nanda

  • Marton

  • Vivek

  • Anu

  • Mukul

  • Clay B

  • Xiaoyu Yao

  • Salvatore

  • Bharat

Discussion items

1Ozone ReleaseNanda/Mukul
  • Ratis RC.04 is in the IPMC. Hopefully, the release will get through.
  • Two or Three Unit tests are failing. All point to the same root cause of a Null pointer exception. This is a release blocker.
  • There is a performance regression. We have decided to do a  release without addressing this issue for now. It is more important to get the release out. We will port these regression tools into Freon, so it is easy for all people to run it.
  • There are two security issues that are posted in the Ozone Jira, we have patches for both. We will fix these issues in 0.4.1 release.
  • Some documentation bugs have been identified and fixed.
  • There was a build issue in the trunk, that is fixed now.
  • K8s builds are picking up the daily builds and starting to stress this release.

Apache Con 2019,

Las Vegas 

  • We had multiple talks about Ozone.
    • Ozone S3 Talk
    • Ozone GDPR talk
    • Ozone and Cloud Native Talk
    • Ratis Shark tank
  • We had a positive response on Ratis. We need to add some simple getting started blogs on how to use Ratis, or perhaps the team members should start blogging about it.
  • We met with lots of HDFS users, and a few important things that came up. 
    • Support for trash and undelete.
    • Posix File system support.

3Define Beta Release GatesNanda
  • Nanda discussed the Ozone Manager scale work he has been doing.
    • Ozone Manager can boot out of FSImage that has 1 Billion Keys.
    • All functions work well, we can boot out of a 1 billion key FSImage in 4 seconds
    • When we reached 2 billion, we see some pauses. We will investigate this.
  • We need to define the first beta release gates. 
  • The memory footprint is tiny compared to HDFS.

Action items