In HADOOP-14163, Apache Hadoop ASF web site has been migrated from SVN to Git.

The site source is in a dedicated repository under asf-site directory and the generated web site is in the same branch but in the content folder.

1. First you need a directory with the asf-site branch which contains the rendered site:

git clone

For committers (without gitbox integration) use the following url:

git clone -b asf-site

Please note that the repository contains multiple gigabytes of javadoc files. If you are not a release manager (=you don't need to update the javadocs) please check the sparse checkout section below.

2. Second you need the Hugo site generator. As it's written in go, all you need is a single binary. You can download it from the release page (or you can check the documentation)

3. Now you can generate the site:


Check the results:
firefox content/index.html

You can also check the result during the edits with live-reload:

hugo server

And check http://localhost:1313

4. Please commit the generated site (./content) together/after with the source changes. Both the sources (./src) and both the generated site (./content) are on the same branch (asf-site). Just commit everything from your local working copy. The generation of the site is not automatic (yet), but you need to render the site and commit the rendered site, too.

Create a new releases

To create a new item on the hadoop site just create a new markdown file with the standard header and put it to the src/releases folder. For example:

title: Release 2.8.1 available
date: 2017-06-08
linked: true
  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
  you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
  You may obtain a copy of the License at

  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
  limitations under the License. See accompanying LICENSE file.

This is a security release in the 2.8.0 release line. It consists of
2.8.0 plus security fixes. Users on 2.8.0 are encouraged to upgrade to

Please note that 2.8.x release line continues to be not yet ready for
production use. Critical issues are being ironed out via testing and
downstream adoption. Production users should wait for a subsequent
release in the 2.8.x line.

Please note, the linked: true attribute in the header. Only the linked releases will be available from the menu. Most probably you would like to remove this attribute from the previous release file.

Sparse checkout

The repository contains a lot of javadoc files. If you would like to modify only the site content you can do a sparse checkout with the following command:

git clone --no-checkout
cd hadoop-site
git config core.sparsecheckout true
echo '/*' > .git/info/sparse-checkout
echo '!content/docs' >>  .git/info/sparse-checkout
git checkout asf-site

Git log without the content

The repository containers both the source and the rendered version of the site. If you are interested about the pure change in the source side, you can use git log with an exclude pattern:

git log -p -- . ":(exclude)content"

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