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ReleaseTagFeaturesExit criteria
0.2.1Acadia - RELEASED

Basic Ozone functionality 

  • Ozone FS
  • Command Shell
  • Java SDK.
  • Be able to create ozone volumes, buckets and Keys.
  • Create large number of keys – Millions of keys
  • Write large single key – 50GBs +
  • Support Ozone REST and RPC protocols.
  • User facing documentation
  • Ship Java client Libraries for Ozone supporting both RPC and REST.
  • Meet Apache Release criteria.
  • Make sure YARN, Hive and Spark applications can work against Ozone FS.
0.3.0Arches - RELEASEDS3 Protocol head
  • Create S3 protocol head that can work with Ozone.
  • Ingest via S3 protocol head, process data via Ozone FS.
  • Support a minimally complete S3 API set.
  • Make sure that AWS CLI and AWS Java SDK works correctly against the protocol head
  • Large Scale and complete testing of Application Stack. YARN, Hive and Spark.
0.4.0Badlands - RELEASEDSecurity
  • Hadoop Delegation Tokens and Block Tokens supported for Ozone.
  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Support - Allows data blocks to be encrypted-at-rest.
  • Kerberos support for Ozone.
  • Certificate Infrastructure for Ozone  - Tokens use PKI instead of shared secrets.
  • Datanode to Datanode communication secured via mutual TLS.
  • Ability secure ozone cluster that works with Yarn, Hive, and Spark.
  • Helm/Skaffold support to deploy Ozone clusters on K8s.
  • Support S3 Authentication Mechanisms like - S3 v4 Authentication protocol.
  • S3 Gateway supports Multipart upload.
  • S3A file system is tested and supported.
  • Support for Tracing and Profiling for all Ozone components.
  • Audit Support - including Audit Parser tools.
  • Apache Ranger Support in Ozone.
  • Ozone Native ACL support
  • First class K8s support
  • Support Native ACLs in Ozone.
  • Ozone becomes K8s aware.
0.5.0Crater Lake
  • Stability improvements
  • Performance and Scale
  • High Availability
  • Topology awareness.
  • Management Console
  • Disk Scanner
  • Centralized Config Management
  • UI updates to SCM and OM.
  • Decommissioning
  • Long running tests based on Apache NIFI, Hive and Spark.
  • Able to handle 1 Billion very small objects.
  • HA support for Ozone Manager.
  • Network Topology awareness for block placement.
  • Recon Server V1
  • Disk scanner and ability to detect block corruptions.
  • Hadoop Configurations are hard to manage, make it easy for ozone.
  • Invest some work to polish the SCM and OM UI.
  • Native CSI support (ozone specific csi daemon)
  • Support Datanode Decommission.
  • HDFS to Ozone in place upgrade
  • Security Phase II
  • Load Balancer Deployments for S3 gateway
  • This will allow HDFS clusters to upgrade to Ozone without data copies.
  • Security is on by default, TDE and Security testing with different applications.
  • Test and Document different load balancers that can be used with S3 gateway.

These release names are based on US national parks, and for every major release we also move to the next letter for the release code name.

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