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Information about the upcoming mainline releases based on the information from the hadoop mailing lists.

  • Feature freeze date:  all features should be merged
  • Code freeze date - blockers/critical only, no more improvements and non blocker/critical bug-fixe

Next Releases

Version 3.2

Feature freeze dateSep 7, 2018
Code freeze dateSep 14, 2018
Planned release dateSept 30, 2018
Release Manager:Sunil Govindan

Planned features:

YARN features
 JIRASummaryComponentFeature OwnerCommentsStatus


Node Attributes Support in YARNYARNNaganarasimha/ Sunil Merged
2.YARN-1011Resource OvercommitmentYARNHaibo / Miklos
Moved Out

Hadoop Submarine project for DeepLearning workloads 

YARNWangda Merged
4.YARN-7129Application Catalog for YARN applicationsYARNEric Yang
Moved Out
5.YARN-7512Support service upgrade via YARN Service API and CLIYARNChandni
6.YARN-5742Serve aggregated logs of historical apps from ATSv2YARNRohith Sharma
HDFS Features: 
 JIRASummaryComponentFeature OwnerCommentsStatus


HDFS Storage Policy SatisfierHDFSUma
2.HDFS-12615Router-based HDFS federationHDFSInigoImprovement WorksMerged
Common Features: 


S3Guard Phase III

CommonSteve LoughranMerged
2.HADOOP-15220S3a phase V CommonSteve LoughranMerged
3.HADOOP-15407Support Windows Azure Storage - Blob file system in HadoopCommonDa Zhou/Steve LoughranMerged

Old releases

Information about old releases only for the records here. For the final features included in a given release please check the official release notes.

Version 3.1

Feature freeze dateJan 30, 2018
Code freeze dateFeb 08, 2018
Planned release dateFeb 28, 2018
Release Manager:Wangda Tan
YARN features
 JIRASummaryComponentFeature OwnerCommentsStatus





YARN native servicesYARNJian He Merged
2.YARN-5734Dynamic scheduler queue configurationYARNJonathan / XuanAlso 2.9Merged

Add absolute resource configuration to CapacityScheduler

YARNSunil G Merged

Container-executor rewrite for better security,

extensibility and portability

YARNVarun V Move out
5.YARN-6223GPU IsolationYARNWangda Merged
6.YARN-5972Support Pausing/Freezing of opportunistic containersYARNArun Suresh Move out
7.YARN-3926Resource Profile and multiple resource typesYARNVarun V / SunilMaybe 3.0Merged
8.YARN-1011Resource overcommittmentYARNHaibo / Karthik KUnder discussionMove out
9.YARN-6592Support rich placement constraints in YARNYARNArun Suresh / Kostas / WangdaTentativeMerged
Capacity Scheduler: Support Auto Creation of Leaf Queues While Doing Queue MappingYARNSuma Merged
11.YARN-5983FPGA support   Merged
HDFS Features: 
 JIRASummaryComponentFeature OwnerComments


HDFS Storage Policy SatisfierHDFSUmaMove out
2.HDFS-9806HDFS tiered storageHDFSChris DouglasMerged
3.HDFS-7240Ozone: Object store for HDFSHDFSAnuMove out
Common Features: 


Add S3Guard committer for zero-rename commits to

S3 endpoints

HDFSSteve LoughranMerged

Version 2.9

Feature freeze date6th October 2017 20th October 2017
Code freeze date20th October 2017 27th October 2017
Planned release date3rd November 2017 17th November 2017
Release Manager:Subru Krishnan, Arun Suresh
Tracking PageHadoop 2.9 Release
Planned features:


 JIRASummaryComponentFeature OwnerProduction Deployment Sponsor(*)Status
1.YARN-2928 / YARN-5355ATS v2YARNVrushali / VarunJoep (Twitter)Merged in branch-2
2.YARN-2877 / YARN-5220Opportunistic ContainersYARNKonstantinos / ArunRoni (Microsoft)Merged in branch-2
3.YARN-5085 Container UpdateYARNArun / WangdaRoni / Sarvesh (Microsoft)Merged in branch-2
4.YARN-2915Yarn FederationYARNSubru / CarloSarvesh (Microsoft)Merged in branch-2
5.YARN-5139Global Scheduling (Capacity Scheduler)YARNWangda Merged in branch-2
6.YARN-3368YARN Web UI v2YARNSunil / WangdaJoep (Twitter)Merged in branch-2
7.YARN-5734API based (Capacity) Scheduler configurationYARNJonathan / XuanJonathan (LinkedIn)Merged in branch-2
8.YARN-4726Allocation reuse for container upgradesYARNArun / JianSarvesh (Microsoft)Merged in branch-2
9.HDFS-10467HDFS Router based federationHDFSInigo / ChrisInigo (Microsoft)Merged in branch-2

(*) Production Deployment Sponsor: "We will favor inclusion of a feature in the 2.9.0 release if it is associated with an immediate production deployment requirement. Other cases: We would recommend moving it to the next major release."

Version 3.0

Feature freeze dateSep 15, 2017
Code freeze date 
Planned release date2017-11-01
Release Manager:Andrew Wang
Tracking pageHadoop 3.0.0 release

Planned features:

  JIRASummaryComponentFeature OwnerStatus



Classpath isolationHADOOP Merged
2.HADOOP-13345 S3GuardHADOOP Merged
3.HADOOP-9902 Shell script rewriteHADOOP Merged
4.HADOOP-13578 Add Codec for ZStandard CompressionHADOOP Merged
5.HADOOP-10950,MAPREDUCE-5785 Reworked daemon and task heap managementHADOOP, MAPREDUCE Merged
6.MAPREDUCE-2841 MapReduce task-level native optimizationMAPREDUCE Merged
7.HADOOP-11804 Shaded client jarsHADOOP Merged
8.YARN-2915 Yarn FederationYARN Merged
9.YARN-5520 Support for Opportunistic Containers and Distributed Scheduling.YARN Merged
10.YARN-5355 TimelineService v2 alpha 2YARN Merged
12.YARN-5734 API based scheduler configurationYARN Merged


 Yarn native servicesYARN PENDING
13.HADOOP-12756 Support for Microsoft Azure Data Lake and Aliyun Object Storage System filesystem connectorsHADOOP Merged
14.HDFS-7285 Support for Erasure Codes in HDFSHDFS Merged
15.HDFS-5570  Removal of hftp in favor of webhdfsHDFS Merged
16.HDFS-6440 Support for more than two standby NamenodesHDFS Merged
17.HDFS-1312 Intra-datanode balancerHDFS Merged
18.HDFS-9427 Move default ports out of ephemeral rangeHDFS Merged
19.HDFS-10467 HDFS Router based federationHDFSInigo / ChrisMerged
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  1. Nice to see, all at one place.

    1) Looks following missed the JIRA ID, wn't be good to give JIRA IDS..?

    • API-based scheduler configuration
    • Resource profiles
    • HDFS Storage Policy Satisfier
    • HDFS tiered storage
    • ..........

    2) Duplicate entries for erasure coding.

    3) Looks some features are missed for 3.0 release.  E.G. Aliyun Object Storage,MapReduce task-level native optimization..etc

    1. Thanks, I added the missing elements from the 3.0.0-alpha4 and started to reformat the 3.0 section and adding the JIRA ids.

  2. Subramaniam Krishnan, is it better to include release date in sub title, like "Ver 2.9.0 (3rd Nov, 2017)"?

    1. I prefer to not include release dates in sub titles (yet), at least till we get more disciplined. The major.minor version is anyways is an unique identifier, thanks.

  3.  Given that dot or Minor releases shouldn't break the compatibility.,I prefer we should have compatible report before we ship 3.2 as we merging so many features..?