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The Apache Ozone website contains all formal releases made by the ozone team. These are builds that are tested and known to be stable.

You can download the latest version from  Ozone downloads  page.  You can download the binary release tarball

since we are just trying to run ozone for now. Ideally, you should be checking the downloaded tarball matches the published images by verifying the checksums and signatures.

Assuming that you have downloaded the ozone-0.4.0 tarball to directory where you would like to install ozone, please run the following command.

Untaring Ozone
tar xvf hadoop-ozone-0.4.0-alpha.tar.gz
cd hadoop-ozone-0.4.0-alpha/
cd compose/ozone
docker-compose up -d --scale datanode=3

At this point, we have downloaded a binary release of Ozone from the Apache and ran it via Docker. Since you have already seen how to run and test ozone via last step, the rest of testing and shutdown of the cluster is exactly same.


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