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Release Plan

Version 0.3.0


Version 0.2.0

Feature releaseJuly 02, 2019
Feature freeze dateApril 30, 2019
Code freeze dateMay 15, 2019
Planned release dateMay 25, 2019

Released new features:

  1. Linkedin’s TonY runtime support in Submarine
  2. PyTorch enabled in Submarine with both YARN native service runtime (single node) and TonY runtime
  3. Support uber jar of Submarine to submit the job
  4. The YAML file to describe a job
  5. The Notebook support (by Apache Zeppelin Submarine interpreter)

Planned features:

Submarine features

JIRASummaryFeature OwnerCommentsStatus


PyTorch integration with SubmarineSzilard
2.SUBMARINE-40Add TonY runtime to SubmarineKeqiu
3.DocImproving Submarine documentationZhankun

Release Manager

0.2.0Zhankun Tang

Sunil Govindan

Mailing lists

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How to subscribe

For commit-list, send an email to:

For dev-list, send an email to:

For user-list, send an email to:

How to contribute

As of now, contribute to Submarine is same as contribute to YARN/HDFS, etc. Please refer to How To Contribute guide for Hadoop. 

Submarine's JIRA is, please file JIRA if you see any bugs or wanna to improve the project.

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