JobInProgress // All information should be exported to monitor system.

Path jobFile;

Path localJobFile;

Path localJarFile;

LocalFileSystem localFs; // need higher level abstraction. decoupled from particular fs.

int restartCount; // not use.

long startTime;

long launchTime;// not use.

long finishTime;

int maxTaskAttempts;

String jobName;

BSPJobID jobId;

BSPMaster master;//only store job info.

TaskInProgress tasks[]; // will be replaced by o.a.h.b.v2.Task where stores a task to groom relation.

long superstepCounter;

Counters counters; //See Counters In Action

int numBSPTasks;

int clusterSize;// not use

String jobSplit; // dir where files are split.

String master; // newly added, indicting which master currently deals with this job. // job to master relation is many to one

Path inputPath; // newly added. input dir. should be the same as jobSplit.


String user

BSPJobID jobid// redundant.

String jobFile// redundant.

String jobName// redundant.


BSPJobID jobid;

long progress; // % of bsp()

long cleanupProgress; // % of cleanup()

long setupProgress;// % of setup()

State state;// runState in enum

int runState; // redundant.

long startTime;// redundant.

String schedulingInfo = "NA"; // not use

String user; // redundant.

long superstepCount;// redudant to superstepCounter.

String name; // not use

int tasks;// can be calculated.

long finishTime; // redundant.

Counters counter;// redundant.

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