Board report October - March 2008

The Apache Harmony community and code continue to be working well.  We
are still looking to the Board to help resolve the JCK license issue,
but this is not stopping us delivering useful software to our users.

Development & Releases
The development team continues to be focused primarily on the Java 5 SE
code stream, and we have successfully delivered two milestone releases
since our last report.

Milestone build 5.0M4 was published on Dec 19, 2007, and 5.0M5 on
Mar 1, 2008.  Each of these milestones contain a significant number of
bug fixes and new functionality, as evidenced by the over 370 JIRA 
issues resolved and over 730 commits since our last report.

Noteworthy advancements have been made in the following areas:

 * new JIT optimizations
 * functional and coverage enhancements throughout the class libraries,
 * improved VM threading design
 * support for full hardware addressability on 64 bit platforms
 * new appletviewer tool
 * initial version of unpack200 tool

We continue to test with a variety of applications to ensure completeness
and compatibility with the specification, and have made good progress in
adding Apache Geronimo to our list of fully functional apps.

The Java 6 APIs are being steadily filled-out and kept in synch with the
Java 5 branch changes.

There were no reported security issues this period.

The community continues to operate in a healthy manner with a vibrant
developer list, including a number of new participants on the mailing

The PMC elected three new committers this period, Pavel Pervov, 
Sian January, and Vasily Zakharov.  There were no changes to the PMC 
membership.  There are currently 32 committers, ~23 of whom were active 
this period. 

Export Controls
The Apache Harmony PMC have reviewed the ASF export controls procedures
and confirm that we are in compliance.

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