Board report April - June 2008

Harmony continues to make good progress in the Java 5 SE code stream, and has accepted a contribution in the area of Java ME.  There have been a number of new committers and PMCers elected recently.  The lack of a JCK continues to be an issue for Harmony.

Development & Releases
Development continues to be focused primarily on the Java 5 SE code stream, with work on the Java 6 SE stream being limited to core areas of the class library.  There is also significant ongoing development in the build and testing infrastructure resulting in enhanced application, stability, and performance testing on Harmony builds.

Milestone build 5.0M6 was published on May 22, 2008 containing a significant number of bug fixes and new functionality.  Milestone 6 includes over 290 JIRA issues resolved and over 650 commits since our last Milestone at the end of February.

Noteworthy advancements have been made in the following areas:

 * new JIT optimizations
 * functional and coverage enhancements throughout the class libraries
 * improved VM threading design
 * support for full hardware addressability on 64 bit platforms
 * completion of the unpack200 implementation
 * ...and much more

In addition, Harmony accepted a substantial code contribution from the authors of Microemulator.  Microemulator is a pure Java implementation of Java ME APIs in Java SE.  With the emulator code it becomes possible to run MIDlet (MIDP/CLDC) based applications as a standalone Java application or as a web browser applet.

There are six Google Summer of Code projects being mentored by members of the Harmony community.

There were no reported security issues this period.

The community continues to operate in a healthy manner, with a noticeable turnover recently in the participants on the mailing list.

We have had constructive interactions with other Apache projects, and the Eclipse TPTP project who are consuming the Harmony bytecode verifier code.

The PMC appointed six new committers this period, Alexei Fedotov, Chunrong Lai, Igor Stolyarov, Ilya Berezhniuk, Pavel Rebriy, and Xiao Xia (Sean) Qiu.  In addition, seven committers were appointed to the PMC membership: Egor Pasko, Jimmy Lv, Mikhail Fursov, Pavel Pervov, Sian January, Tony Wu and Vasily Zakharov.

There are currently 38 committers, ~22 of whom were active this period. 

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