Board report April - June 2009


The Apache Harmony community is healthy, and has recently released a new
milestone build.  The lack of a JCK continues to be an issue for Harmony.

Development and Releases

The Harmony community continues to improve the quality of the existing
code, with the latest release of Apache Harmony 5.0 Milestone 10 containing
over fifty bug fixes, plus numerous JavaDoc enhancements.  Our last release
was in April 2009.

Contributions into the 5.0M10 code base includes:
 - compatibility: enhancements to ensure the behavior of the runtime is
   equivalent to that of the reference implementation.
 - documentation: tidy-up of the licence/notice/readme files, and substantial
   improvements to the javadoc in a number of modules.
 - porting work: in the class libraries for AIX and zOS operating systems.
 - performance: improvements to string handling and start-up speed were implemented.
 - testing: additional tests, and enabling of existing tests across all platforms.

We have also discussed the option of releasing a reduced footprint runtime,
based on the Java 6.0 branch, called Harmony Select, which would be targeted
specifically at headless applications.  This would be an opportunity to
publish the 6.0 code stream early in a useful configuration.


No reported security incidents this period.


Apache Harmony featured in a general session at JavaOne this year, with a
demo of Harmony running the Eclipse IDE, and Harmony running Roller on Geronimo. 

There were no changes to the committership or PMC during this period.  There are
currently 39 committers, of which ~10 were active this period.

The Harmony project are participating in the Google Summer of Code program,
and discussion with the students who have a project with Harmony is underway
on the developer mailing list.

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