Board report July - September 2009


The Apache Harmony community remains healthy, and has recently released
a new milestone build.  The lack of a JCK continues to be an issue for

Development and Releases

The Harmony community published Apache Harmony 5.0 Milestone 11 on
August 31st.  This latest milestone build contains over sixty bug fixes,
plus numerous enhancements across all modules.  Our previous release was
in June 2009.

There was also an attempt to publish the first Apache Harmony 6.0 stream
milestone, but after a period of community testing we decided we were
not quite ready, and to ensure acceptable quality the 6.0 stream
milestone has been postponed until a number of technical issues are

Our involvement with the Google Summer of Code programme produced mixed
results. Some students went through to the full term and produced useful
results, others either didn't make it to the mid-term review, or failed
at the final assessment.

The Harmony community voted to accept two code contributions during this
period.  The first was an updated JDWP agent capable of Java 6 level
functionality and debugging non-Java stratum code (e.g. JSPs).  The
second was made up of native code modifications and additions to allow
wider platform portability, giving the class library natives the ability
to build and execute on AIX and z/OS.


No reported security incidents this period.


There were no changes to the committership during this period. There are
currently 39 committers, of which ~9 were active this period.

We did some housekeeping on the PMC membership, moving 12 inactive folk
to emeritus status.  That resulted in the PMC being reduced to 11 active
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