Board report October - December 2009


The Apache Harmony community remains healthy, and has recently released
a new milestone build.  The lack of a JCK continues to be an issue for

Development and Releases

There was no work on the core JVM and JIT code during the reporting
period, but we continue to receive a steady stream of patches to the
Java 5 and Java 6 class library branches.

The Harmony community published Apache Harmony 5.0 Milestone 12 on
December 5th.  This latest milestone build contains a number of bug
fixes and enhancements across numerous modules.  Our previous release
was in August 2009.

We are currently stabilizing the Java 6 stream with a view to making the
first stable release of that stream in the next few days.

Harmony build and test is running smoothly on the Hudson Ubuntu systems,
and we look forward to infra bringing on-line a wider variety of
platforms that can be used in test, including Windows.


The Harmony PMC appointed one new committer during the last reporting
period, and there are now 50 committers of which ~9 were active this
period.  There were no changes to the PMC membership.

Xiao-Feng gave a talk on Apache Harmony at the Apache Roadshow Asia 2009

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