Harmony Java Development Kit

This is a snapshot build of the Apache Harmony JDK for Java SE 5. This software is not complete or verified as compatible with the specification.


This snapshot contains the the current state of our JDK, including the JDK tools that we have completed in jdk/bin as well as the current state of our Java Run-time Environment (JRE) in the jre/ subdirectory. The JRE is the runtime environment needed to run Java programs, consisting of the Java class libraries and a virtual machine, DRLVM.

For information on supported platforms and completeness of the supplied software see the file status.html in the doc/ subdirectory.

Quick Start

To use the Harmony JDK, you should be able to unpack the distribution, add jdk/bin to your patch, and run the software. For more information, follow the instructions in the file quickhelp_users.html in the doc/ subdirectory. For the most up-to-date information on using this package, please see


Where to Get Support and Info

If you have questions, consult the FAQ.html page in the doc/ subdirectory. If you failed to find an answer to your question, go to our website
Access this resource for information on on how to get involved, for project guidelines, detailed architectural descriptions of developed components and other information.

Popular pages include:

TBD: any other pages?

You are invited to participate in the project via the project mail lists. More information about how to subscribe to the lists can be found here :


Other Downloads

In addition to these binary snapshots, you can check out the source code and build it. For instructions on how to check out and build, see page http://harmony.apache.org/quickhelp_contributors.html.

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