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Goal / Scope

  • CentOS 7.x Support
  • Ranger Integration
  • PXF ORC Profile
  • Bug Fixes

Release Type

  • Source release and binary release


  • Late March / Early April 2017

Release Version

  • The version has been created on JIRA, please use this value for "Fix Version/s" column when filing/updating JIRAs that are required for this release.

Filter: HAWQ (project = HAWQ AND fixVersion =

Apache HAWQ JIRA Release Dashboard

What's fixed in the release

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution


  • Get feedback from the community on the scope of the release: email has been sent to on March 10, 2017, no objections so far.
  • Versions created on Apache HAWQ JIRA: & version have been created in JIRA.
  • Move all JIRAs referencing a version (affected/fix) of to
  • Publish Apache HAWQ Release Dashboard and announce it's availability on dev list (
  • Details of this release posted on wiki (this page).
  • Move all Open JIRAs with Fix Version of "" to "".
  • Start release artifact creation process
  • Send RC1 for dev PMC vote
  • Get dev PMC vote result of RC1
  • Fix RC1 issues
  • Send RC2 for dev PMC vote
  • Get dev PMC vote result of RC2
  • Fix RC2 issues
  • Send RC3 for dev PMC vote
  • Get dev PMC vote result of RC3
  • Send RC3 for incubator PMC vote
  • Get incubator PMC vote result for RC3
  •  Send announcement for release