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Cloud related

Data Management Functionality Enhancement

  • [HAWQ-786] - Framework to support pluggable formats and file systems

  • [HAWQ-864] - Support ORC as a native file format

  • [HAWQ-150] - External tables can be designated for both READ and WRITE

  • [HAWQ-304] - Support update and delete on non-heap tables

  • [HAWQ-401] - json type support

  • [HAWQ-319] - REST API for HAWQ

  • [HAWQ-312] - Multiple active master support

  • [HAWQ-799] - PostGIS Support

Performance enhancement

  • [HAWQ-303] - Index support for non-heap tables
  • [HAWQ-923] - More data skipping optimization for IO intensive performance enhancement

Languages & Analytics


  • [HAWQ-256] - Integrate Security with Apache Ranger
  • [HAWQ-29] - Refactor HAWQ InputFormat to support Spark/Scala Management & Build
  • [HAWQ-8] - Installing the HAWQ Software thru the Apache Ambari
  • [HAWQ-311] - Data Transfer tool
  • [HAWQ-326] - Support RPM build for HAWQ

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