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This is the home of the HAWQ subproject PXF.

About PXF

PXF is an extensible framework that allows HAWQ to query external system data on HDFS. The framework is built in Java and provides built-in connectors for accessing data of various formats that exists inside HDFS files, Hive tables, HBase tables and many more stores.

Presentation on PXF


Users can also create their own connectors to other parallel data stores or processing engines. To create these connectors using JAVA plugins, see the HAWQ Extension Framework API Reference.

Developer Resources

Build and Install - Introduce how to build and install PXF

Github - Source code repository

Jira - Feature/Bug Tracking System

External Resources

BDAM 2016 Talk

Fosdem 2016 Talk


HAWQ Nest (Dec 17, 2015) Data Federation Capability via PXF


Pivotal Open Source Hub Meetup talk



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