The following projects and applications use or used to use Commons HttpClient, our old codebase.

Jakarta Slide
Jakarta Slide is an open-source project composed of multiple modules tied together using WebDAV. It includes a CM API, a WebDAV server, WebDAV client APIs, J2EE compliant stores and more.

JSR 147
Workspace Versioning and Configuration Management. Software AG is going to implement the current draft of JSR 147 API. The implementation will be based on the Jakarta Commons HttpClient and located in the Jakarta Slide project.

Jakarta Commons Latka
Latka is a functional (end-to-end) testing tool. It is implemented in Java, and uses an XML syntax to define a series of HTTP (or HTTPS) requests and a set of validations used to verify that the request was processed correctly.

Jakarta Cactus
Cactus is a simple test framework for unit testing server-side java code. The intent of Cactus is to lower the cost of writing tests for server-side code.

Apache JMeter
JMeter is a pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications only but has since expanded to other test functions.

ServiceMix is an open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) based around the Java Business Integration specification JSR 208 under the Apache 2.0 licence. ServiceMix consists of a JBI container and component suite, massive connectivity to many protocols with complete integration with Spring and Geronimo as well as supporting straight through, SEDA and clustered message flows, smart routing and transformations and orchestration via BPEL.

Html{{`Unit is a java unit testing framework for testing web based applications. Html}}`Unit models the returned document so that you deal with pages and forms and tables.

The XINS/Java Client Framework
XINS is a framework for describing and implementing API's that can be accessed by browsers. In contrast to SOAP and XML-RPC, HTML-based test forms can be generated to make calls to the API

Lime{{`Wire is a robust, open-source, multi-platform, consumer-oriented P2P file-sharing client. Lime}}Wire uses HttpClient because it is a highly customizable and efficient HTTP manager, and has proven itself to work without any hitches on the hundreds of thousands of daily users of Lime`Wire

Heritrix is the Internet Archive's open-source, extensible, web-scale, archival-quality web crawler project.

X-Smiles is an Open-Source XML parser, that has extensive standards support.

Laszlo Presentation Server
The Laszlo Presentation Server is an XML-native platform for the development and delivery of a new generation of Rich Internet Applications.

Nortel Networks
Operator Simulation Tool (OST) - A server side performance and scalability testing tool uses HttpClient to drive loads to web based server applications.

MindIQ's Design-a-Course
Design-a-Course, a quick, easy, and inexpensive e-learning software tool allows novice users to create sophisticated web-based training (WBT) courses within minutes.

ContactOffice is a complete groupware solution ('Virtual office') combining mail, calendar, storage, contacts, and more. HttpClient is used for back-end tasks such as inter-server communication and SMS transmission.

Newknow is a Knowledge Management Suite based on Artificial Intelligence, Collaboration and Document Management and we use Commons HttpClient as part of our Knowledge Spider. This Spider retrieves all the information gathered by the Agents and the corporative sources on the network.

Web Abstraction Layer (WAL)
Web Abstraction Layer (formerly known as de4d2c) - development environment 4 documents 2 content - is an in-browser web page wrapper development system that returns it's extraction result as XML using XSLT generated from intuitive user input. Commons HttpClient is used as the robust base of the whole system.

Term Highlighting for Verity Ultraseek search results
Reflexe Technologies has developed a servlet-based application that works with Verity Ultraseek, formerly known as Inktomi Enterprise Search, that highlights terms that match search query, by intercepting HTTP communication between the browser and the original document server. It can highlight terms in HTML documents, as well as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Acrobat PDF documents, and uses the Jakarta HttpClient for better performance than that provided by the standard J2SE platform, and in particular because it must be able to offer NTLM authentification when required.

Mule - Universal Message Objects
Mule is a robust and highly scalable broker and services ESB framework. It is designed as a light-weight, event-driven component technology that handles communication with disparate systems transparently providing a simple component interface.

actiWATE is a Java-based software platform that is intended to make web application testing simple and cost-effective. actiWATE currently consists of:

  • Advanced framework for writing test scripts in Java.
  • Test Writing Assistant - web browser plug-in module which is intended to assist the test writing process.

Delosis Psytools
Delosis Psytools is a flexible platform for distributed cognitive research. Study participants perform tasks using the Psytools smart client, which relies on the HttpClient library for HTTPS communication of research tasks and resultant data.

Celware WebRecorder
Celware Web{{`Recorder rapidly and easily exposes information on existing Web sites to other IT systems via a programmatic service, using the same interface as a standard Web browser. If you can see the information on the Web, Celware Web}}`Recorder can learn by example and create a service to include that information in your IT environment-without making any changes to the Web server!

Solex - Web Application Testing With Eclipse
Solex is a free open source Web application testing tool built as a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. It provides functions to record a client session, adjust it according to various parameters and replay it later typically in order to ensure non regression of the application's behaviour. Solex acts as an HTTP proxy and records all HTTP requests and responses going through the wire between a Web client and a Web server. The Solex HTTP client module is built on the Jakarta's HttpClient project.

PesterCat Web Functional Testing Tool
PesterCat is a web testing tool that was designed to perform functional testing for web applications. PesterCat features an integrated proxy recorder that enables you to record scripts using your favorite web browser. Key features include: Recording and playback of HTTP web requests, XML script format, SQL database validations using JDBC, variables and variable setters, Ant tasks automate testing. PesterCat uses the HttpClient API to drive HTTP script playback.

Thin Client GUI Builder
TCBuilder is a GUI development framework based on Eclipse platform to design, develop and debug swing based rich and interactive web applications. Its presentation engine uses HttpClient APIs to exchange GUI data and events with server based logic.

TreeGrow is the data entry application for the Tree of Life database.

enKoo WebApps
WebApps is enKoo's solution to provide secure remote access to web based (i.e. Intranet) application on a remote network.

Sunrise is a tool for converting websites and newsfeeds to Plucker documents for offline reading on your handheld.

Dolphin web browser
A Java web browser using GECKO, KHTML and IE embedding

RSSOwl - RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader
An opensource Newsreader written in Java using SWT as fast, native GUI library.

HttpClient has been used extensively for implement PaymentGateway and SMS Verification RELAX NG Validation Service
A servlet wrapper and a custom entity resolver for Jing. The entity resolver users HttpClient.

Program which fetches mail from Exchange server using webDAV. HttpClient handles Exchange connections.

Mercury SiteScope
Monitoring program for URLs and lots more.

The BigBlogZoo is a Semantic Web Browser. Nearly 70,000 newsfeeds and blogs have been categorized and integrated into a collaborative framework we call the Zoo. We present to the user the channel concept, much like a television, except for a browser. Users can submit, browse, spider and reaggregate these channels. Future enhancements for collaboration will include the ability to reorganize and rate channels.

REX--The Real Estate Translator
A web-based IDX solution for Interactive Tools Realty Manager. This application provides a single solution for Real Estate advertising by pulling the listings from the local MLS and feeding them into Realty Manager to generate extremely versatlile web pages.

An applet which allows users to drag-and-drop files to upload them. Chiral Software also maintains an "applet" fork of HttpClient, which allows smaller applet jars.

A CVS client that uses the web interface of a CVS repository (usually ViewCVS) to be able to download fresh code from a repository if you are behind a firewall that blocks all native CVS connections.

A platform-independent checker for broken links, invalid email addresses and wrong HTML, available with an English and a German GUI and manual.

eTools Meta-Search Engine
A meta-search engine using a federated search framework that relies on HttpClient for retrieving results from HTTP sources.

Hippojump is an open-source project that hosts a Eclipse RCP-based news/data aggregator that captures different data sources such as RSS, XML, HTML, web services and allows the user to set keywords filter on the data and also set the delivery mode of the data, such as browser, email, SMS, etc.

m-e-c as2
m-e-c as2 is an open source EDIINT AS2 implemenation. It contains a comfortable logging- and configuration GUI that helps you managing your transactions. It supports asynchronous and synchronous MDN, digital signatures, encryption, SSL.

Restlet, a lightweight REST framework for Java, natively supports the Jakarta Commons HTTP Client. It is available as a pluggable alternative to our other HTTP client connector based on JDK's HttpURLConnection. It adds an abstraction layer over Jakarta HTTP Client and allow Restlet applications to transparently switch between several implementations without modifying a single line of code. Lailaps Download Manager
Lailaps is lightweight desktop downloader, that uses HttpClient as HTTP implementation to handle thousands of downloads, getting from HttpClient high customization and performance.

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