HttpComponents roadmap

HttpAsyncClient 4.1 development branch

  1. Upgrade to Java 1.6 (DONE)
  2. Limited support for request pipelining HTTPASYNC-8 (DONE, REQUIRES TESTING)

HttpCore / HttpClient 4.5 development branch

HttpCore / HttpClient 5.0 development branch

  1. Support for HTTP/1.1 spec (RFC 7230 and related)
  2. Per request transport stats (related to JMeter) HTTPCLIENT-1081
  3. Completely overhaul GSS-API-based authentication backend HTTPCLIENT-1625 (design notes)
  4. Experimental support for HTTP/2

in scope

    • plain transport (no TLS)
    • stream multiplexing
    • message push (a Stream that was Promised)

out of scope

    • implementation with blocking I/O
    • (PRIORITY) stream prioritization and dependencies
    • (WINDOW_UPDATE) flow Control
    • TLS requirements
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