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Running PHP with fcgid

Why ?

  • Because mod_php forces you to load prefork MPM, which is inefficient.
  • Because mod_php will be loaded into httpd's memory even when serving static pages
  • Most distributions shipping in 2013 provide pre-compiled packages that let you run php with fcgid. This is just a matter of configuration.
  • mod_fcgid is an official Apache module, available at


  • Huge performance boost, both in CPU and memory consumption
  • PHP runs into a separated process

On what conditions not to run php on fcgid

  • If you run httpd 2.4, you should consider PHP-FPM

Quick How to

Follow ALL steps, or something will be missing in the end.

  1. Unload mod_php by commenting out the LoadModule directive from your configuration. 2. Load the mod_fcgid module with the LoadModule directive. 3. Install PHP as CGI using your package manager. 4. Write a small wrapper, such as this : /usr/local/bin/php-wrapper


# Set desired PHP_FCGI_* environment variables.

# Example:

# PHP FastCGI processes exit after 1000 requests by default.



# Replace with the path to your FastCGI-enabled PHP executable

exec /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php5

Make sure it is readable and executable by the apache user/group.
5.#5 Configuration - httpd.conf LoadModule fcgid_module <path to modules>/

AddHandler fcgid-script .php

FcgidWrapper /usr/local/bin/php-wrapper .php

6.#6 Replace prefork MPM with a threaded MPM, such as worker. On 2.4, you can now change the active mpm by loading the appropriate module.

FAQ / It doesn't work

Don't panic. Check apache httpd error log.

PHP files are downloaded, not interpreted

If you have a handler already set for PHP, it may be conflicting. So you can try something like :
"grep -ri handler /etc/httpd | grep php" depending on the result, you may need to comment out some config you are having.

Further options

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