If you are a newly added committer, this page is an informal guide to completing the process from receiving the invite email to receiving all privileges.


if you come across conflicting information between this page and documented guides from Apache Software Foundation, please raise to private@ list and potentially contribute towards making this page better.


The overall process is documented here in full, below is the gist of it with specific pointers when needed.

  1. Once you have been notified by the (P)PMC of an committership offer, please respond the email accepting/declining the offer
    1. IMPORTANT : Please be sure to reply-all and have private@hudi.apache.org in the reply. We need this to record your acceptance officially
    2. If you choose to decline, you can skip the rest of the page
  2. Next step is to file ICLA with secretary@apache.org, you would skip the step if you have an apache id already or you are already a committer on another project 
    1. If you don't have an apache id, you can request an id using the ICLA form
    2. Check this link for already allocated ids and choose your unique id
    3. Once the ICLA is filed, typically the (P)PMC will be notified and someone will initiate an account creation request on your behalf
    4. This whole process could take few days and you can email private@ list to check if there are more delays
    5. ICLAs received can be tracked here: http://people.apache.org/unlistedclas.html
  3. Being added to project via Whimsy, please make 
    1. Once you receive your apache id, you should be able to login and check that it works
    2. You can login to https://id.apache.org/ to change forwarding email and other things
    3. Once you have an account, please notify private@hudi.apache.org so that you can be added to the Hudi roster
  4. Github access
    1. Login to https://gitbox.apache.org/setup/ and link your github and apache ids to be able to merge/review pull requests
    2. This is a more descriptive summary of the process
  5. CWIKI access
    1. Access to http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/HUDI is automatically done by being added as committer to Hudi.
    2. Check access by making some whitespace edits on a page, after you login with your apache id (not your previous personal account)
    3. The permission propagation may be delayed sometimes. Please wait a few hours before reporting an issue.
  6. JIRA
    1. Please email private@hudi.apache.org to be granted "Committers" role on JIRA
  7. Finally, familiarize yourself with the resources below
  8. Finally, send a PR to add yourself to https://hudi.apache.org/community/team as your first order of business

welcome aboard!  


  1. Apache Committers FAQ 
  2. New committers Guide
  3. Apache Code of Conduct
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