• Answer questions on mailing list, github issue, slack using the FAQ
  • If questions reveal an actual bug/issue, file a JIRA
  • If you cannot adequately triage an issue, contact a PMC/Committer who may know
  • Promptly close GH issues, if the question was answered or the issue was addressed.
  • ALWAYS keep the FAQ updated and improving with new questions/clarified answers.


This is just an optimization and ANYONE from the community can answer ANY QUESTION/ISSUE  at ANYTIME.

The support rotation is a voluntary, opt-in process for sharing the support duty amongst the volunteering members of the community. The idea behind is this is provide a better chance for the users to have support at all times, minimize context switching for those who are not on the rotation, as well as bring efficiency to the support process, by acting as a forcing function for better docs/faqs. 

Each support rotation will in cycles  (local time for volunteers)

  1. Mon Morning -Wed  Noon
  2. Wed Noon - Fri Evening

Rotation Schedule

Jan 6 - Jan 8, 2020
Jan 8 - Jan 10, 2020
Jan 13 - Jan 15, 2020
Jan 15 - Jan 17, 2020Shaofeng Li
Jan 20 - Jan 22, 2020Balaji Varadarajan
Jan 22 - Jan 24, 2020
Jan 27 - Jan 29, 2020
Jan 29 - Jan 31, 2020Balaji Varadarajan

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    1. Shaofeng Li  Of course no. (smile) Local timezone.. It's okay I think.