The time of an def~timeline:.

Design decisions

  1. A timestamp (e.g: 20190117010349), which monotonically increases in the order of action’s begin time.

Related concepts

  1. def~table
  2. def~commit
  3. def~timeline
  4. def~instant-action
  5. def~instant-time
  6. def~instant-state
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  1. How does "time" really work in the overall cluster given that different `action`s (def~instant-actions) will happen on different machines (question)


    1. `Spark` client time vs cluster nodes time
    2. Ingesting chunks of same logical def~table in parallel from different machines or different processes from same machine
    3. Upserting same logical def~table in parallel from multiple analyses running in `feature store`
    4. etc

    Vinoth Chandar , Balaji Varadarajan please advise.

    /cc Suneel Marthi

    1. This time is decided on the spark driver, so just one machine decides an action's timestamp.