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Consider the query

select * from
sub2) u;

If the parents to union were map reduce jobs, they will write the output to temporary files. The Union will then read the rows from these temporary files and write to a final directory. In effect, the results are read and written twice unnecessarily. We can avoid this by directly writing to the final directory.


The optimization will be applied if the following hold:

  1. The Union is followed by a select * and then a file sink.
  2. All parents of Union are file sinks.

Union may have more than 2 parents.

Let's say the output directory of the final file sink was dir_final. We will replace the output directories of subq1 and subq2 with dir_final/subquery_1 and dir_final/subquery_2, respectively. All other properties of the final file sink like gatherStats, etc. will also be copied. After this, we remove the union and everything below it.

The optimization is important for , but should also be useful in other cases.

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