This page lists primary communication channels and tools used by Ignite development community. If you are an Ignite user, please use the Ignite user list to get support. 

The collaboration tools/channels are ranged by priority. Prefer Ignite dev list all the times switching to speedy tools if needed.

Ignite Dev List

This list is the primary and the default communication channel - 

Send an email to to subscribe to the list. If you are an ASF committer, then prefer your address for Ignite communications.

All the discussions related to contributions, changes, new ideas have to be started on the dev list first. Remember the mantra - "If it's not on the dev list, it didn't happen". The project is being developed and moved forward by individuals living across the globe and speaking different languages. Thus, asynchronous written communication is a preferred way of engagement at ASF as well as within the Ignite community.

For the sake of openness, speed and transparency, the community members are free to use Ignite Slack or meet via the tools like Google Meeting. But, recalling the mantra, if any conversation took place between contributors using channels like Slack, a summary of the discussion/decision has to be shared via the dev list letting other contributors share their opinions. As a summary, final decisions are made only on the dev list. The other tools listed below are used for the sake of efficiency in certain occurrences.

Ignite Slack

Slack is used to/for:

  • Speed up a resolution of a dev list conversation. Basically, to get down to the bottom if the dev list discussion doesn't make things clear while a Slack chat promises to solve the misunderstanding.
  • Chat with a contributor or groups of contributors if you're working on a task previously discussed on the dev list. Feel free to create dedicated Slack channels "ignite-{topic}" for big topics. 
  • Other occasions if you believe Ignite Slack is a more appropriate place for collaboration.

But, don't forget to send summaries and updates to the dev list, a minority of community members is going to read your Slack messages. Also, remember, that for any decisions the dev list is the only place where the final decisions take place.

Well, now you know why and how we use Slack. Next, go ahead and sign up there (use, if you don't have "" account).

Ignite community uses Slack account that belongs to ASF. All ignite channels, and topics are named as "ignite-{topic}". There is a generic topic named "ignite" for quick chatting among contributors on Ignite matters. Before creating a new topic look through existing ones, there already might be the one that suits your needs.

Too look for existing topics in Slack, click on "Channels" icon

and type in "ignite" in the search window as shown below

Conference Meetings

Phone calls and other verbal forms of meetings (let's just call them conference meetings) are useful for:

  • Community wide-announcements or introduction of big ideas after the main content was outlined on the dev list.
  • Collaboration between a group of contributors who are working on a specific task for which it will be beneficial to jump on calls occasionally.

You are not obliged but suggested to use Google Meetings that are free and open, and go with screen sharing as well as video-call capabilities. Moreover, most of us have google accounts and will be able to arrange a meeting easily. Just go to and select a time slot that suits everyone's time. But don't forget to add "Hangouts" reference and invite to the meeting, as shown in the picture below.

The reason why the whole dev list should be invited is that some of the contributors might be willing to take part in the meeting and share their thoughts in advance, or they might want just to sit and listen learning more about Ignite. If you are willing to speak your native language different from English, then just put a disclaimer in the title or description of the invite.

And, as it's said many times, always share summaries of the discussions with the dev list.

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