Bellow you can find overview internal commands of command line tool [1] that can send some sql queries to Apache Ignite grid via JDBC Thin client.

1 - GitHub link


!allExecute the specified SQL against all the current connections.OK---
!autocommitEnable or disable automatic transaction commit modeFAILEDImpossible to disable autocommit
!batchStart or execute a batch of SQL statementsOK---
!briefEnable terse output modeOK---
!verboseEnable verbose output modeOK---
!callExecute a callable statementN/ADoesn't support from our side.
!closeClose the active connectionFAILEDError message: Ambiguous command: [close, closeall]
!closeallClose all current open connectionsOK---
!columnsDisplay columns of a tableOK

Display int instead of type of field e.g. 

-5 = java.lang.Long, 12 = java.lang.String

!commit Commit the current transaction, if autocommit is off.FAILEDautocommit always true so commit doesn't make sense
!connectConnect to a databaseOK---
!dbinfoList metadata information about the current connection.OK---
!describeSynonym for columns (if an argument is specified) or tables (if no argument is specified).

Doesn't work without parameter. so now !describe =!columns

!dropallDrop all tables in the databaseOK---
!exportedkeysList exported foreign keys for a databaseN/ADoesn't support from our side.
!goChange to a different active connectionOK---
!helpDisplay help informationOKHelp shows not all commands that there are in manual.
!historyDisplay the command historyOK---
!importedkeysList imported foreign keys for a databaseN/ADoesn't support from our side.
!indexesDisplay indexes for a tableOK---
!isolationSet the transaction isolation mode for the active connectionFAILEDautocommit always equals true so I can't to test this parameter
!listDisplay all active connectionsOK---
!manualDisplay sqlline manualOK---
!metadataInvoke arbitrary metadata commandsOK---

Create a friendly name for the connection (updates command prompt)

!outputformatChange the method for displaying SQL resultsOK---
!primarykeysDisplay the primary key columns for a tableOK---
!proceduresList stored proceduresN/ADoesn't support from our side.
!properties Connect to the database defined in the specified properties file.OK---
!quitExit SQLLineOK---
!reconnectReconnect to the current databaseOK---
!recordBegin recording all output from SQL commandsOK---

Get a list of all tables and columns from the database in order to include them in the list for tab-completion of SQL statements. This is done automatically on connect when the fastconnect option is enabled.


- with and without fastconnect


NPE from sqlline side
!rollbackRoll back the current transaction (if autocommit is off)FAILEDautocommit always true so rollback doesn't make sense
!runExecute a command scriptOK---
!saveSave the current preferences to some fileFAILED

Doesn't override current parameters in ~/.sqlline/ 

!scanScan class path for JDBC driversFAILEDOutput - 

Compliant Compliant Version Compliant Compliant Version Driver Class

Compliant Compliant Version Compliant Compliant Version Driver Classno        1.0     org.apache.ignite.IgniteJdbcDriverCompliant Compliant Version Compliant Compliant Version Driver Classno

!scriptSave executed commands to a fileOK---

Set a sqlline variable

FAILEDValues of parameters wasn't changed
!sql Execute a SQL against a databaseOK---
!tablesList all the tables in the databaseOK---



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