The Depot Project deals with integrated tools for automating downloading (with security checks), publishing (new artifacts) and managing the contents of the apache repository.

It also focuses on additional tools for manipulating metadata of the artifacts.

Sub Projects

General Pages

Developer Information


  • Adam Jack
  • Anou Manavalan
  • Markus M. May
  • Nick Chalko
  • Nicola Ken Barrozi

Project Status

Incubation Process

  • Apache Membership - Done
  • Add Apache License to source - Done
  • Code in SubVersion - Done
  • CodingStandards - ?
  • Fix web site to provide a link to Apache, not SourceForge - Done
  • Big rework of web site to match Apache style - ?
  • Get nightly builds happening - Done (Gump)
  • Put togther a release as a first milestone to allow people to convert to the new package structure and to have a release available for download in the site wide bin area.
  • Wiki – In Progress
  • Archive mailing lists - Done
  • IssueTracking - Jira - Done
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