Fluoride, a Feed Server Proposal

0. Rationale

a RSS/Atom feed by default is hard to track. The aim of this proposal is to create a server which can track statistics on who is reading your feeds, and what they are reading.

0.1 Criteria


Apache was chosen for an incubator for the guidance the community can provide.


None yet.. this is just an idea

Core Developers:

Ian Holsman. ASF Member


The initial code is planed to be implemented in C and python, but I am inpartial. I'm OK with java as well.

0.2 Warning signs

Orphaned products:


Inexperience with open source:

Ian is a ASF member

Homogenous developers:

Only one developer. I am hoping for others to be interested and join in

Reliance on salaried developers:


No ties to other Apache products:

It is planned to use mod_python & Apache Httpd as a platform.

A fascination with the Apache brand:

we are fascinated by it. It's shiny. Seriously I chose apache as I thought others may be interested

1. Scope of the subprojects

The initial scope of the project will be the development of a functionally-complete implementation of a server capable of handling between 10-1000 unique feeds with each feed having multiple subscribers.

2. Initial source


2.1 External Dependencies of the project

The current implemenation depends on the following components:

It is envisioned that the project would require Django for it's maintenance screens, and use Apache's Httpd and mod_python.

3. Identify the ASF resources to be created

3.1 mailing list(s)

  • fluoride-ppmc (moderated subscriptions)
  • fluoride-dev
  • fluoride-commits (which for the start would be sent to fluoride-dev)

3.2 Subversion repository

3.3 Bugzilla

  • fluoride

4. Identify the initial set of committers:

  • Ian Holsman (Zilbo)

5. Identify Apache sponsoring individual

We request that the Apache Incubator PMC sponsor the Abdera Atom implementation as an incubating project.

Champion: TBD


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