JTStand Proposal

Email: <<MailTo(support AT SPAMFREE jtstand DOT com)>>

A proposal to the Apache Software Foundation Incubator PMC by

Albert Kurucz

May 12, 2009

1. Abstract

JTStand is a free scripting environment for data collection, an open source software, written in Java.

It helps you to develop and execute Sequences and to analyze the Results.

Project home page: http://www.jtstand.com/

2. Proposal

This proposal seeks to create a top-level Apache Software Foundation project to continue the development and advancement of jtstand.

Key Features & Goals

  • Simple
    • It uses only four different file types for the configuration,
      where each file has a well defined syntax, defined and verifiable by
      a provided XML schema
      • Sequence
      • Step
      • Project
      • Library
  • Revision Control
    • Revision control client is built into JTStand
  • Programmable
    • Use all the features what an advanced object oriented language can give you (Groovy Scripts/Classes/Closures)
    • Or use the scripting language of your choice through interpreters
  • Extensible. JTStand extensions can be created to
    • Automate the start/abort of Sequences (starters)
    • Interpret your favorite scripting language (interpreters)
    • Control of instruments or other hardware devices (drivers)
    • Communicate with the operator (user interface)
    • Present or process the results (processors)
  • Multitasking
    • Multiple Sequences can be executed parallel
    • Sequences may have multiple threads, executing multiple Steps parallel
  • Database
    • No database programming required the Results database is automatically generated
    • The Results of the Sequences which are backed up to a Database include the full context of every Sequence: Sources of Scripts and Classes used by the Steps of the Sequence and the Project configuration, not only the data what is acquired by executing the Sequence
    • No redundant data is stored
    • No database installation is required, because of the built in derby database engine
  • Analysis
    • Tools are provided to query and process the Results
  • Charts
    • JTStand can present the Results in different charts:
      • Trend
      • Distribution
      • Pareto
  • Open source
    • You can improve
    • You can trust
    • You can build up on

3. Rationale

4. Need for a Community Effort

5. Known Risks

Commitment to future development. TBD

Experience with open source. TBD

Diversity of developer community. TBD

Relationship to other Apache projects. There are no Apache projects with similar goals.

7. Source

There is no seed code, JTStand is original.

Access to existing source code can be found here for those interested in looking at current project status: TBD

8. Required Resources

(a) Proposed Mailing lists:

  • jtstand-developer (with moderated subscriptions)
  • jtstand-news

(b) Subversion directory

(c) Issue tracking:

  • jtstand will use JIRA for bug tracking.

9. Initial Committer

  • Albert Kurucz <<MailTo(support AT SPAMFREE jtstand DOT com)>>

10. Sponsors

  • Champion: WANTED!
  • Nominated mentors:
    • WANTED!
    • WANTED!


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